About us

Mondial Decorative Elements was established to manufacture detailed mouldings to soften the angles where walls meet ceilings and transform living rooms, hallways, bedrooms from angular boxes into serene and unified rooms in which to relax or entertain.

We service Residential, Commercial, Entertainment, Hotel and Restaurant markets. Architects, Builders, Designers and Homeowners trust our superior quality architectural embellishments and decorative elements throughout its cost-effective pricing and uncompromising installation and service.

Mondial Decorative Elements provide an intensive collection that will enhance any new construction, renovation, or re-decoration project to ensure a distinctive and lasting impression. It is easily cut with a saw and installed with finishing nails using Mondial Premium Adhesive Paste as an adhesive and sealer in all joints. All profiles come in 240 cm in length for fewer joints to deal with and more solid and unified appearance. An average 250 square meter home is easily transformed into an architectural wonder in less than one day with minimal mess or frustration. Mondial Decorative Elements provide the only truly realistic alternative to expensive, brittle and messy gypsum, plastic, wood or cement-covered Styrofoam, which is expensive, lacks architectural detail and better suited for exterior use.

Our profiles are commonly used to cover a wide range of decorative areas in your home that ranges from Ceiling Medallions & Domes, Carved & Plain Cornice, Wall Frames, Mirror Frames, Fireplaces, Wall Corners, in addition to Floor Skirtings & Baseboards.