MONDIAL Decorative Elements high-density, rigid, polyurethane products have many advantages over traditional materials such as wood, MDF, plaster and gypsum. The material is lightweight, strong and difficult to break or split in handling and installation, and will not warp, crack or shrink. All our polyurethane products resist rotting, mold and fungus. The material is also impervious to moisture and ultraviolet light, and will not attract insects.


MONDIAL products meet the hightest quality controls in consistency and strength. All products are made using the latest injection technologies and the best rigid moulds to ensure products that can be installed with confidence and appreciated for years to come.


One of the major advantages of MONDIAL range of products is that installation time can be reduced enormously than installing any other traditional materials. Its lightweight and worry-free handling properties, combined with consistent quality, provide a labor-saving system that any builder can easily install. In addition, our products require no sanding, priming or sealing. All you need to do is apply your choice of appropriate latex or oil based topcoat or decorative finish.