Product Information

MONDIAL products must be stored under shade and should not be exposed to direct sun unless installed.


MONDIAL products must be installed tightly using MONDIAL Cornice Premium Paste. Abundant amounts of MONDIAL Cornice Premium Paste must be applied on all edges and joints.


All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of any dirt. Loose particles, oil, grease, paint or any other substance that may affect adhesion should be avoided. MONDIAL cornice Polyurethane should not be installed over wallpaper as the adhesive may separate or stain the wallpaper.


MONDIAL recommends that the entire project is cut and dry fit before applying any adhesive. Begin in the least noticeable inside corner and work around the room, matching the pattern at each joint and corner. Please note that it may not be possible to match the pattern in the last corner.


All products are shipped in white. MONDIAL products require no sanding or priming. You can apply your choice of latex or oil based paint, or for a more luxurious look, you can use a decorative finish such as gold leaf, stain, glaze or a finish like sponging, leather or suede.